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Who are we?

This is a CTVFD program that allows students interested in firefighting and emergency management training to observe, learn, and work with CTVFD and its members.

What do we do?

The members of CTVFD provide a safe and interactive learning environment for students interested in this public service. Students will learn about safety, firefighting, emergency response systems, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Who can join?

Requirements for the CTVFD Junior Program are the following:

- Applicant must be between the ages of 14 & 18 and in or entering high school.

- Applicant must have parental consent.

- Applicant must main a C average in school and be able to provide progress reports     if they are requested.

- Alcohol and tobacco abuse if forbidden.

- Applicant must follow all rules and SOGs of both CTVFD and the Junior Program.

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