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History of Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department

Cicero Township Fire Department covers sixty-four square miles in central Indiana serving a population of less than 10,000. 


We are a combination department of 16 Volunteer Firefighters and 3 paid Chauffeur/Operators. 


Cicero Township averages 350 runs a year with the majority of runs being EMS related.

In June of 1986 the Cicero Township Trustee developed a plan to put together a volunteer fire department to support the needs of the contracted Tipton Fire Department. The Tipton Fire Department at that time housed the township’s fire engine and supplied manpower. The trustee decided that it was time to put together the volunteer department to aid with manpower at township fires.

The Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department was formed with 10 dedicated men and women. Instructor from the Tipton Fire Department (Allen Jones) and Madison Township Volunteer Fire Department (Tom Weddell) trained these new members. Within the 1st 2 years of service the members had obtained the ranking of First and Second Class Firefighter Certifications and within a few months the department gained several new members and from that point the department grew to 20-25 members.

At that time the department had two pieces of apparatus. The township fire engine was housed and manned by the Tipton Fire Department. The township tanker was housed and manned by the volunteer fire department.

During the first few years of service the department supplied manpower and tanker support for fires and other incidents for the township and the Tipton Fire Department.

In 1990 the Township Trustee decided that it was time to move the department into a full service department. There were three full time chauffeurs hired to drive the township fire engine and the membership had grown to 30 firefighters. The department’s apparatus had grown to: the township engine, tanker, light rescue and a heavy duty grass truck. The department was housed in a three bay station with one of the bays made into living quarters.

In 1998 the Township Trustee purchased a new fire station for the department.

The Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department averages about 250 runs per year with 85% of these runs being EMS type incidents.

At present all members of the department are State Certified as Firefighter I & II. Most members are also EMS 1st responders or EMT-B. Several members have excelled into other areas of certification with the State.

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